Useful Tips For Parents To Prepare Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast means “breaking the fast”. After a good night’s sleep, your body needs nutrients to refuel their body. Breakfast is important for all, especially for children. Research shows that children who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to be overweight or obese. Skipping breakfast hampers the mental and physical development of a child.

For many students and their families, morning is a race against the clock to get out the door and to school on time, and in this rush kids often skip their breakfast. If asked why they have skipped breakfast, grumpy kids often say that they are not hungry. Even if you make breakfast for everyone, it is very tough to feed your child an adequate amount of breakfast. But, an assistant at Montessori San Dimas, CA tells that habit of skipping breakfast can lead to decreased focus and learning and hurt school performance.

A daycare pediatrician in the US gives a worrying statistic that eating breakfast has been linked with improved English and mathematics skills in school children. Your child needs to eat something nutritious each morning to re-fuel for the busy day ahead. Breakfast is an ideal opportunity to eat foods that are rich in B vitamins, folate, iron, and fiber. It has been seen that the children who attend school after doing a healthy breakfast, have much better concentration and alertness than those who do not do their daily breakfast. When a child skips breakfast, the brain starves for energy and fuel from nutritious food to get recharged.

Sometimes in rush, in the morning when everyone is getting ready to go out, it is really difficult to make an elaborate food item as breakfast. Here are some practical suggestions comes from Preschool caregivers of a school in San Dimas, CA for parents who will help them to make a healthy breakfast for their children.

  • Stock your kitchen with healthy breakfast options like oats, semolina, cornflakes, fruit loops, etc.
  • Keep an adequate amount of necessary fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator so that you can quickly make fruit salad or smoothie the next morning. You can also make these two foods ready the previous night and preserve them in any vacuum-free container.
  • Keep things ready as much as possible the previous night.
  • Wake up slightly earlier and get everyone up. It will really help.
  • Engage your kids in helping plan and preparing breakfast.

You do not always need a long time to prepare breakfast. Here are some easy and quick recipes for breakfast:

Take boiled eggs and boiled potatoes (done the previous night). Peel and cut them into small pieces. Sprinkle pepper and salt and mix well. Serve it with buttered bread.

Take some half-broken dry fruits like cashew nut, almond, walnut, and raisin. Take a cup of yogurt. Beat it. Add a handful of cornflakes and broken nuts to it and mix well. Serve it as breakfast.

Take a bowl of milk. Add some pieces of fruits like banana, mango, plum, etc. cut bread into small pieces, and add them into in. breakfast is ready.