Ways to spend quality time with your kids

In today's world in most of the houses both the parents are working, and they are torn between their work and life responsibilities. Some parents may feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children. Relax parents, here Child Care Pomona, CA is sharing some tips to spend some quality time with your kids almost every day.

Playing a game together:
Playing some games together is a great way to spend some time with your kids. It can be an outdoor activity or any indoor board game. Playing a game is simply not for fun, it is a very good stress buster also. After a long hectic day, playing some games with your kids will help you to relax and on the other hand, it deepens your relationship with your kids. In this way, you can create memories, and makes your child feel important and loved.

Doing household chores together:
You can involve your kids in doing the household chores with you. In Preschool Pomona, CA kids help in organizing things properly, vacuum cleaning the curtains or carpets, cooking their favorite food or even in planning the whole of next week. Sit together with your kids and try to create a to-do list for them for at least the next two days. This way kids will also understand their responsibility towards the smooth functioning of the house. You can appreciate them if they can fulfill their responsibility or can guide them to do things in a better way.

Going for a walk:
Going for a leisurely walk with your toddler is a great way to spend some time with them. An evening walk, in the gentle breeze, is always good for health, it’s a good exercise too. You can walk around your neighborhood Child Care Pomona, CA and have some talk with your kids. While walking you can share your moment of the day with them and encourage them to share theirs. This way they will feel a strong bond with you and feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts.

Bubble time:
Occasionally try to have a bubble time with your kid when you will sit on one with him and talk to him. You can talk on any topic depending on his understanding and interest. This type of conversation time helps Preschool Pomona, CA kids to express their thoughts with you. They may share something they are happy about or struggling with. So, you will understand your kids in a better way their likings, disliking, hobbies, passion, etc.

Do some craftwork:
You can spend some time doing craft work with your kids. Doing some origami, creating something by recycling and reusing items or you can do drawing, coloring, and painting. Creating stuff with play dough, blocks or even with clay is something that kids love to do. All these activities help kids to become more creative and they feel more motivated in the presence of their parents.

Other than the above, you can do story reading, watching movies, going out for lunch or dinner, or even have a family dance party to spend some quality time with your kids.