What Causes Bad Breath in Toddlers and Remedies to Treat It

Bad breath is common in toddlers as most of the bacterial activity occurs in their mouth, nose or teeth. It is another name for the medical condition called halitosis. There can be various reasons for bad breath and some of which can indicate an underlying medical condition. Preschool in Chino Hills, CA, is here to help you understand the reasons for bad breath in toddlers and the ways to resolve it.

Causes for bad breath in toddlers :

  • Dry mouth can lead to bad breath. Many kids breathe through their mouths because of a stuffy nose, then it is likely to disturb the mouth bacteria and may cause bad breath. This promotes bacterial growth in their mouth, excessive mucus in the throat, lack of oxygen and saliva. All these conditions lead to the excretion of foul-smelling compounds causing bad breath in children.
  • Poor oral hygiene and dental care may lead to bad breath.
  • Toddlers may place tiny food particles such as a bean, pea, or a toy in the nostril. This makes them breathe through their mouth causing bad breath.
  • According to Childcare of Chino Hills, CA, if your toddler is suffering from tonsillitis, gastroesophageal reflux or seasonal allergies, he may have bad breath.
Useful remedies to get rid of bad breath in toddlers :

  • Encourage your tiny tot to brush their teeth well to fight bacteria.
  • You can use some soft tongue cleaner to keep your toddler’s tongue clean.
  • Drinking enough water helps in enhancing the production of saliva hence reduces bad breath
  • Try to floss your little one's teeth every day to remove the odor-causing food particles from the teeth.
  • Preschool located inChino Hills, CA, advises changing his toothbrush every 3 months.
  • If your toddler still uses pacifiers, try to sterilize them regularly.
  • After 12 months of age regular dental check-ups can help prevent bad breath related to oral hygiene.

As parents, you need to be extra observant of your child’s dental health and oral care. If he is habituated to sucking fingers, try to discard him doing so, and wash his toys at least once a week. You should not use any mouthwash for your toddler as it could be difficult for him to spit and swish. Above everything else following a healthy oral care routine may help to prevent bad breath.