Why Preschoolers Should Get Engaged In Gardening

We have a common misconception that gardening is an elderly activity. Studies have shown that people of all ages can enjoy gardening, but children, in particular, will have lots of fun and gain special benefits from gardening. Montessori Chino Hills CA experts believe that children can learn new skills, have fun, play, and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden, taking care of new plants, and growing their food. Children by nature like to play with soil, get dirty, and remain outdoor as long as it is possible, and gardening gives them all these chances and for his reason, this activity becomes one of the most favorite activities among children.

In a primary school workshop in Chino Hills, CA, preschool caregivers suggest that a garden can be an interactive playground for kids that will engage all the five senses. They will learn to cherish the flora and fauna of nature from the very childhood and surely one day they will be a nature-friendly ideal inhabitant of this earth. Most of the kindergarten have included simple gardening in their curriculum and have requested parents to involve children in indoor or outdoor gardening as much as possible. Moreover, a reputed gardening and horticulture expert says that parents should nourish their love for gardening and science from the very childhood and to rear the inquisitive nature of the children.

Benefits of gardening :

Children naturally acquire two great qualities – reliability and responsibility while working in the garden and taking care of the plant day after day.

Gardening helps to enhance the self-confidence of the children. When they ultimately become able to grow a plant and enjoy the fruits and flowers of the plant and get appreciated by others, the self-confidence rises automatically. It has been shown that the performance of confident children is much better than that of hesitant children not only in education but also in every sphere of life.

While working in the garden children have to use their hands, legs, and fingers while digging the soil, planting trees, or removing one object from one place to another. So gardening improves the overall physical activity. It encourages the development of even fine motor skills when they handle tiny seeds carefully and gently before sowing them in the soil.

Gardening is a science. One activity gardening enhances the child’s knowledge of botany, geography, nutrition, and to some extent some common sense of economics. They come to know that because of the presence of chlorophyll the leaf is green, different plants need a different amount of water to grow, some flowers need harsh sun shines to bloom, some vegetables grow well in shades.

Most of the children are very reluctant to eat food. But, gardening may solve this problem. Children surely will not resist eating the vegetables that they have grown with their hands.

Last but not least is that gardening is a family activity. Teachers of Kindergarten schools of Chino Hills, CA say that spending time together in the garden makes the parent-children bond stronger.